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#1 Liberty Homes,
St. Johns Extension Road,
St. Augustine,
Trinidad and Tobago,

  Tel- H-1-868-662-7076/C-1-868-722-6153
Tacarigua Sculptural Play-Space Project-Catalogue
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The Paint Installation Project-Catalogue
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OBJECTIVES :  To make art-design, sculpture in urban, rural spaces.

EXPERIENCE:    2016-
The Toxic Form Project –
(In development) is the presentation of paintings and sculptures which will tell the tales of the human form in negotiating the urban landscape
                              2016-2017 ongoing
                             The Heights of Aripo Project – Designing around value-added
                             Collaborators – Aripo Youth Group, Aripo Village Council, University of West Indies, UWI, Geography Dept.
                              The intention with this project is to create a sustainable development understanding within the village centered around design. The first step being a participatory mapping exercise, which will evolve into deeper conversation around design centered development.
The East Morvant Playspace Project
                              Client – Member of Parliament for Morvant – Adrian Leonce
                              Collaborators – University of West Indies, UWI Engineering Dept.
                              This project focused on designing around memory. This was guided through interaction with the children and adults living within the community. The designs, were then developed further, by UWI, Engineering MFA student, Darrien Charles.
The La Horquetta Edible Playspace Proposal
Client-Councilor Kwasi Robinson, Tunapuna/Piarco  Regional  Corporation.
The edible playspace was designed to develop a space that operates both as a natural playspace and micro sustainable agricultural project, based within the Phase-5 neighborhood of La Horquetta.
2014. Friday 17 October
The Tacarigua Sculptural Play-Space Project – Official Presentation, Trinidad and Tobago, Hilton Hotel, La Boucan Meeting Room. Here the project was presented to the national community for conversation and support.
2013. January 17 – 7 February.
The Paint Installation Project – Installation of 10 paintings and the 12 posters at Medulla Gallery, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago, The Caribbean.
                             THE URBAN HEART BEAT PROJECT – Initiated by the Goethe
                              Institute and the German Embassy – Was the installation of 9
                              Artists artworks in city of Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago.
                              The final presentation being in Berlin, Germany.
                              Catalog title – De Mi Barrio A Tu Barrio, Street Art in Mexico,
                              Central America and the Caribbean.
The AlterEgo Project- Is the solo presentation of 15 art-design pieces of furniture. Built in Trinidad & Tobago and reflecting a Caribbean design philosophy, at the Scrip-J Building, 1 Fernandes Industrial Centre, Laventille, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
The Re-human Seat- A seat designed and built for the International Conference - New Geographies, Studies in Postcoloniality and Globalization hosted by the Department of
                              Liberal Arts & Institute of Gender and Development Studies,
The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus,
March 24-26.
We the Artists- A group show of the work of local and international artists curated by Nicollette Ramirez.
                              Installed at the National Museum and Art Gallery of Trinidad
                              And Tobago, January 5th-26th. 
One Day Symposium Art, Design and Architecture – New       Perspectives on Caribbean Practice, organized in collaboration with the Department of Creative and Festival Arts, UWI St. Augustine Campus; a component of the UWI Sculptural Project 2007.
                             The University of  West Indies Sculptural Project
Curator of the project that presented seven artists sculptural proposals to UWI management. I also managed the installation of one of seven sculptures designed as part of the UWI Sculptural Project, outside the Main Library, UWI, St. Augustine Campus.
The Red Earth Festival: Built and presented the installation - The Deprivation Chamber at this An Eco Art Festival, Trinidad and Tobago.
Erotic Art Festival – Installed, a poster installation entitled “Trans” at Drink Wine Bar, Woodbrook, Port of Spain. Trinidad and Tobago. The festival took over several spaces in the Woodbrook community.
                                    Convener of The UWI Sculptural Project,
Solo exhibition: The Capetown Chronicles Installation, Museum of the City of Port of Spain, Fort  San Andreas. Was the installation of street posters, bringing the streets into the Museum space.
                              Art residency programme (3months) at Greatmore
Studio, Capetown South Africa & Closing Exhibition Entitled Chutney Jam.
                              Bottom Line Exhibition, A drawing show of 13 artists
                                     held at the Cotton Tree Foundation, St. Ann
                                    Several Group shows held at Eddie Bowen’s Studio
                              Worked on several independent projects, one of
which was to establish my own company, DArlen
Installation “Red Devil Tail” at Co-Sign, a project of Basso Leonard Architects Collaborative (BLAC), Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.
Mi Casa Yo Casa – Plans for Resettlement
An installation of drawings and sculpture, CCA7, Contemporary Art Gallery, Laventille, Trinidad and Tobago
“The House of Hervé meets  the  House  of  Dean” – A  Collaborative  installation  with   French  artist  Hervé Chambon, Fort Andreas Museum, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.
Assistant  to  the  prop master  on  the  film The Mystic  Masseur, a  film  by  Merchant  Ivory  Productions.

Annual Exhibition, Trinidad and Tobago Art Society.
Big  River  1999  International  Artists Workshop - one  of  twenty two  artists from  Trinidad and Tobago  and  around  the  world  - Caribbean Contemporary Arts(CCA7), Grande Riviere, Trinidad and Tobago.
Gestures: An  Installation - first  solo  exhibition, installed  at  the  National  Museum  of  Trinidad  and  Tobago 
Meridian International  Exhibition, USA. Traveling exhibition to several US States.
Division  of  Gender  Affairs, Ministry of Culture and  Gender Affairs, Government of Trinidad and Tobago and Shebang  Media, USA -   Conceptualizing  videos with other  artists -
Mural  project: the  paddock  walls, Queens  Park  Savannah, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.
Design and construction of sets for video, AVM  Studios, Morvant,  Trinidad and Tobago.
Trinidad and  Tobago  Art  Society, Annual  Exhibition
Dean & Zoya”  Exhibition,  Eddie  Bowen  studio .
Design  artist: Crossover  Design  Ltd.
Young  Artists  Exhibition , Aquarela  Galleries
Art  Dept., Trinidad  and  Tobago  Printing  and  Packaging Ltd.
Trinidad and Tobago Art Society Annual Exhibition,  Central  Bank, Port of Spain .
Visual Arts Environment Exhibition,  Gallery 1234


Ontario  College  of  Art  and  Design, Toronto, Canada.
Creative Arts Centre, Faculty  of  Arts & General Studies, The University  of  the West Indies, St. Augustine campus.
Craftsman’s  Diploma  in  Jewelry Design & Production, John  Donaldson  Technical  Institute, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago .
Fatima  College (Secondary School).


First  prize - Inter  American  Development (IADB) Bank  Design  Competition .
Commonwealth  Fellowship  to  the  Ontario  College  of  Art and  Design, Toronto, Canada .


Setting the goals to develop a multi disciplinarian studio, inclusive of art, design, video and farming.

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Taking art and design to the public -
Torture & Pleasure
Heartbeat in the Barrio: Caribbean and Central American Street Art -

Dean Arlen

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